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The Humm and Strumm Project is a Free and Open Source project to create a modern, highly-concurrent, cross-platform 3D video game engine in C++11/14.

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RELEASE: Version 0.7


The Humm and Strumm Game Engine, version 0.7 has been released. This release introduces the basis for our our concurrent game loop, better MSVC support, more C++11, and a few new dependencies to improve our engine's code or performance.

The current plan is to bump the version number to 1.0 once we have a full rendering subsystem and a concurrent game loop, which is our next step. At the moment, we have many independent subsystems, but once we have those, we'll have a workable and performant (if a little lacking in features) game engine.

PRE-RELEASE: Version 0.7

We're planning a release for the Humm and Strumm Game Engine for Sunday, January 19th. It has been a long time since our last release, so this release has a lot of changes. At this point, we have the basis of what makes our engine unique, and we're working on adding higher-level functionality next!

New Git Mirrors

We now have a few mirrors of our main Sourceforge git repository. These are primarily for backup, and if our Sourceforge repository ever goes does down, we will still be able to pull from a relatively up-to-date repository.

Our two new mirrors are at Gitorious and Github. These two repositories update every hour to mirror the current state of our Github repository.